Recognizing Community Service Directors

ComService Sundays 🌞

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the Community Service Directors in our District for their hard work and dedication thus far.

Allow us to introduce Ms. Ariel Taylor.

I’m Ariel Taylor, Community Service Director of Central Port of Spain.
I’ve been part of the Rotary family for quite some time, having started my journey in this organisation as an Interactor.
I’ve been a pinned member of the Rotaract Club of Central POS since October 2012 (or thereabout).
As Community Service Director 2017-2018, I have a number of projects planned ranging from healing one self (Healthy Habits Project) to healing the environment (The Green Route-Recycling Project).
Rotaract CPOS just completed phase 1 of our Lend a hand project where we aided the Princess Elizabeth Home for Disabled Children in landscaping. In phases 2 and 3 we will undergo the creation of a kitchen garden as well as painting! We’re repainting the exterior wall of the home and giving the children’s play area a makeover! It’s going to be an exciting year for Rotaract CPOS!
#comservicesundays #thisandeverysunday #makingadifference


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